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About me



My name is Marta Cielecka and I come from Poland but now I live in Milan.

I’m a person deeply interested in humanities, therefore I decided to study sociology at Gdansk University. I hold a master’s degree.
I’m interested in sailing, art, history and movies from different countries and cultures.

Why handcrafting?

When I was finishing my work, I was always running home to read about history of art trying to improve my knowledge about designing and handcrafting, however I was treating this as a hobby only because I was too introverted and shy to show my creations to the world.

I’ve lived in the routine for many years, in a constant race of economical and social acceptance, doing something for others, but not for myself.

Finally during April 2014 I decided to live in Italy! What is surprising – I didn’t plan it! It just happened! I was supposed to stay in Milan for couple of days as a tourist but…the universe had completely different plan for me! I don’t regret that I followed my heart and changed my life from one day to another.

Around September 2014 I started thinking if it was also time to finally show my passion to the world. Being in a country full of inspirations, I thought of taking out from my hidden drawer all my notes, my dreams and my ambitions. My inner voice wanted to come out and shout: “I want to try! I want to transform my passion into a business!”