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Eco-friendly business cards. Not only recycled paper matters! - MyCuddle™

Eco-friendly business cards. Not only recycled paper matters!

MyCuddle™ - eco kraft recycled business card

When you think about “eco-friendly business cards”, probably you think about cards made of recycled paper or kraft paper. But as a creator of MyCuddle, which is a personal, artistic project combined with pro-eco policy, I understand, that having business cards made of kraft paper, is not enough. I decided to have even more sustainable policy at my work. I decided to reduce my CO2 footprint as much as it’s possible. But what CO2 footprint is, you may ask.

It is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

In other words: When you drive a car, the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of CO2, depending on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. (CO2 is the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide). When you heat your house with oil, gas or coal, then you also generate CO2. Even if you heat your house with electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of CO2. When you buy food and goods, the production of the food and goods also emitted some quantities of CO2, etc, etc…

Every human being, every company emits CO2, but, if we are aware of this, we can try to decrease our impact on the planet.

So I did. When I decided to have business cards, I took under consideration two options:

  1. Going to the print service
  2. Buying handmade kraft tags and a stamp, to produce business cards by myself

I realized almost immediately, that the second option is the right answer. Just think about it: to be able to print my business cards, the service has to use special machines, which use energy (CO2 emission!), which were bought somewhere else, hence, were transported by a car from somewhere else (CO2 emission!), the service hires few workers, who use cars/public transport to get to work (CO2 emission!), who use computers and other devices which consume energy (CO2 emission!) etc, etc…Now you understand, why I decided to do something, which only few would think about. I’m really proud, that MyCuddle does everything what is possible, to minimize its impact on the planet. After all, on the first page of this website, you can read these lines:

MyCuddle is offering a unique range of high quality pieces which are created with the same amount of love, care for the environment, attention to details and passion.

Care for the environment, it matters.




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