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Eco-parenting and MyCuddle - it works! - MyCuddle™

Eco-parenting and MyCuddle – it works!

Are you wondering how having a baby can wreck the environment? Do you want to know, how to change it and how MyCuddle can help you? Do you want to be more eco-responsible as a “citizen of our beautiful planet”? Read my post!

Yes, it’s true, having a baby wreck the environment. Each bundle of joy gobbles up more of the planet’s food, clogs garbage dumps with diapers, churns through plastic toys and winds up a gas-guzzling, resource-consuming grown-up like the rest of us. Still, babies are awfully cute. Given that most people still intend to procreate, what’s an environmentally conscious parent to do?

Today’s green-minded families go far beyond eco-consumerism – the buying of organic baby goodies like mohair-filled crib mattresses, flame-retardant-free pajamas and organic toys and accessories. We can call it eco-parenting: nowadays, it’s not just buying greener but fundamentally altering the often wasteful art of child-rearing. If you want to be a real eco-parent, you need to try to reduce a child’s – and your family – carbon footprint, which means that you should also try: composting, recycling, using recycled products, buying organic and/or local food, buying eco household chemicals and cosmetics, eliminate chemical-ridden carpeting and clothes and – at least but not at last – not OVERBUYING. Buy only these things which you and your family really need, and – if it’s possible – which are made by local producers.

How MyCuddle can you help you to be more eco-parent? The answer is simple! MyCuddle is eco by its nature! MyCuddle uses organic cotton and eco-English wool to produce its exceptional baby gifts and eco-packaging solution, which is based on materials made in European countries (boxes, linen bags, pure wooden straw, kraft tags and envelops, recycled twine, kraft tissue paper sheets) and – it’s totally handmade! If you are fed up with “plastic, chemically polluted and made in the Far East” products, choose MyCuddle!

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