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I'm living a minimalist lifestyle. How does it affect my work? - MyCuddle™

I’m living a minimalist lifestyle. How does it affect my work?

MyCuddle™ - minimalist lifestyle. Organic baby gifts, handmade in Italy

I became a conscious minimalist almost two years ago, but I must say, that I have always been a person, who could appreciate minimalist principles, even before the minimalist manifesto and its social movement became so popular all over the world. What it means, you may ask, and how it affects my work?

Minimalism is not a radical lifestyle, I read once, and I agree with it. It is a tool I use to get rid of unnecessary stuff and live a meaningful life—a life filled with happiness, freedom, and conscious awareness. Because I strip away life’s excess, I’m able to focus on the important parts of life: health, relationships, passions, growth, and contribution. That’s what living a meaningful life is about for me. 

What does it mean in practice? It means that I’m an aware consumer. I try to buy good quality products which I really need and which I can use for a very long time, like classic style clothes and accessories. I posses belongings which can improve my personal growth or enrich me because of its beauty. Not only functional aspect of goods around us matters. If I can afford to buy a beautiful album about History of European Art, I rather to buy a normal book instead of reading it via an e-book reader. If I can afford to buy an amazing painting, I rather to buy it instead of spending money for a new laptop, especially if my old one still works. Being a minimalist is a matter of choice.

It also means, that I constantly question possessions and my actions: Do I still need this? When is the last time I used this? Could someone use this more than me? Do I feel “a spark of joy” or have a certain affection when I look at it? Do I really have to work in the place which I hate? Do I really have to postpone my dreams? Do I really have to be around the people who cannot enrich my life? Do I have to waste my everyday time on meaningless and useless things? Cannot I listen to Bach while I’m working? (as a matter of fact, I’m doing it now !)

I could stop writing here, because that’s really all you need to know at the beginning. However, the idea needs a little expanding. Strunk, for example, wrote:

“Omit needless words” William Strunk Jr., The Elements of Style:

  • Possessions: Look around you, at work and home. Is everything you own important? Can you get rid of things, and keep only the things that really matter?
  • Buying: If you don’t use buying to fulfill your needs, you’ll only really buy what you need.
  • Eating: How much do you really need to eat? Omit needless food, and make everything you eat count — by making your food nutrient-dense, fiber-dense, healthy and filling.
  • Doing: Do less. Make everything you do count. Look at your to-do list and see what’s really important. In fact, examine your work life in general and see whether you’re really making every day count. Omit needless activity.
  • Goals: Do we really need 101 goals? By focusing on less, you can really pour yourself into it.
  • The rest of life: In anything you do, see if you can apply these principles. There’s no need to get obsessive about it, of course, but it’s always useful to examine what we do, how we do it, and whether we really need to do it.

And what about my work? Can I be a minimalist while creating MyCuddle’s brand?

I appreciate high quality and beauty of things around me, and simplicity, therefore, a minimalist lifestyle affects my work from the beginning to the end. When I decided to create MyCuddle, I knew that I would be using only the finest fabrics and that I would try to apply to the project my pro-ecological mindset (probably you have already noticed that the minimalist movement is highly pro-environmentally by its nature). Each of my designs is simple and minimalist. I do not overuse colors and kinds of fabrics, I’m focused just on few of them. I try to give to the people impression, that MyCuddle’s collection, my website, my way of thinking and me, as a person, are coherent. I hope that I succeeded.




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