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L'arte dell'artigianato - MyCuddle™

L’arte dell’artigianato


How does my work look like?

Many people dream of being an artist or a craftsman, in other words – a maker. They dream of ditching the office for a workshop, working with their hands, carefully changing “the nothing” into something beautiful, not necessary useful. They would like to be walking dreamers. I was secretly dreaming about it for many years too. The desire of doing something more creative was ``drilling`` my heart and soul ever since I remember. Finally I have a great opportunity to turn my dream into reality. Every day, with my own hands, I transform just a few pieces of linen or cotton into a figment of my imagination, into something which can give you a smile and also joy. Every time when I notice that my dolls are appreciated by you, I feel not only a sense of satisfaction, but also a strong belief that I should continue my work.

1. Searching for inspiration

First of all, everything starts from inspiration, which can come from anywhere, anytime, even when I’m doing something completely irrelevant and meaningless. It can come when I’m holding my sketchbook and I’m trying to be focused on my work or it might as well come while I am ironing. I never know when it can happen. That’s why when I see an image of my next doll in my mind, I try to draw it as quickly as possible. I cannot let it go, even if I can change my mind later and decide to sew something different.

2. Designing

Drawing my dolls is the most creative part of my work and I really love it. When I hold a pencil in my hand, I can modify my drafts infinitely… time is my only hurdle! When the first sketch is ready, I can start thinking about the colours and fabrics I’d like to use. Sometimes I can foresee the final look of my doll even before drawing it. I start sewing only when my heart tells me that it’s time to give life to my new design.


Sometimes it takes me just a few hours to draw something, but sometimes a few days. If I feel a lack of inspiration, I have to move on and get back to my new idea only after a while; this part of my work is very unpredictable.

Choosing the proper fabric

When choosing materials, I often find myself modifying the concept and shape of my doll. During this phase I am changing not only the colors and type of fabric, but also the fitting of the clothes. This is the last call before starting the process of the prototype’s creation.

3. Creating

I’m obsessed with details, therefore, without any regrets I can trash something that I have just sewed, only because of one imperfect stitch. I can also unstitch the face of a doll which I’ve just embroidered if I feel I can do it better. This is me!

Cutting the fabric

Because I would like to support a more sustainable economy, I pay very close attention to wasting as little fabric as I can. Most of the time I manage to re-utilize even the smallest left overs from previous works.


This phase is what can really transform my ideas into reality, giving another dimension to flat shapes. After having tried different models, I’m using an Italian sewing machine NECCHI and I’m pleased with the results as I found them very precise.


While stuffing the organic raw fibre inside the doll, I have to be careful with giving the right shape to the body, especially the head.


This is a very important moment because I’m finally donating love to a blank inanimate object. One small mistake and the expression of the doll could give a totally different sensation to the observer. I have to be extremely focused and lucid!


It’s time to get my doll dressed, combining classic, artistic and fashionable clothes for a nice looking product.

The final look

When my doll is finished, I look at her with a very objective form of criticism. If I’m satisfied with the final result, I’m ready to take photos and show my work to the world!


Not every doll I make gives me the same level of satisfaction. I’m really an artist by nature and getting things perfect can be an obsession sometimes, one that doesn’t work well with my bottom line. Only when I feel inside my heart that I’ve done a pretty good job, I’m ready to show my doll to the world, to you. I also have to say, that I’m quite an impatient person. When I’m finishing a sketch I really like, I can’t wait to start sewing! I want to create my doll immediately. Another interesting aspect of my work is an unremitting sensation that it’s a high time for a change. While I’m working on my collection of sweet cuddlers, I often see in my mind the images of my next dolls but this time more artistic or sophisticated. And conversely. While I’m finishing the collection of artistic dolls, I’m driven by the desire to make something sweet and cute again. I think one of the greatest things that I am learning every day through my work is that whatever I do or however long I have done it, I can always learn more. I cannot and I don’t want to stop learning and growing. I’m ready to take what I learn and apply it to all aspects of my life, because my work can be limited or empowered not just by what I can do, but by who I am as a person.

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