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Sweet little bags for sweet little girls - MyCuddle™

Sweet little bags for sweet little girls

MyCuddle™ - bags for girls - eco, organic toys, dolls and baby gifts, handmade in Italy

I had an incredible pleasure designing and sewing my little bags, as I intended to extend the offer of organic baby gifts since I finished first accessories for MyCuddle, hence, I’m proud to introduce you to my three new friends – Baby girl Bag, Babydoll Bag and Bunny with the Ribbon Bag. These beautiful pieces are a rare combination of sweetness, softness, eco-friendly attitude and….something which we can describe as “functionality”, as long as bags for little girls can be practical, of course! My little bags look like a bunny-cuddler and rag dolls, therefore, they can be hugged and kissed by all little ones! They can play with them too! These pieces are not just bags, they are best friends of all girls!

It took me some time to figure out how to make my cute bags, but when I finally invented the way of sewing them, I just couldn’t stop at one, I had to continue my work! I spent many hours with my sketchbook, thinking about every small detail, colors of fabrics and yarns and…designing sweet faces of my bags, which sometimes is the hardest thing to do during my work, as they have to be considered as really cute by everybody, not only by me!

Like always, to create my new baby gifts, I used certified unbleached organic cotton, certified English wool, American and Japanese cotton. The best quality for all little ones, this is my design, my dream!

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